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On the conviviality of discrete spaces
Bachir Soussi Chiadmi was in residence at Synesthésie from September 2016 to December 2017. This period of work and research was an invitation to rethink and reappropriate the use of the tools of contemporary artistic creation and more widely those of our everyday lives: including both material and digital tools.

Marie Preston
Mary Preston's work is thought of as a moving research which aims to co-create artworks, experimentation documents, with people who are not artists. Each time, the creation process involves an experiment and inventing common spaces. She is interested in pedagogy, conversation, autonomy, ecology of the social interactions and environnement.

Matthieu Saladin
Mathieu Saladin's work falls within a conceptual approach of art. Through the recurring use of sound, he thinks upon the production of spaces, the history of forms and the process involved in creation, as well as the relationship bewteen art and society from an economic and political point of view. He resorts to various forms such as installations, performances, publishing (books, CDs), videos, and software creation.

Bonjour Monde
Bonjour monde is a collective that researches alternative processes in the graphic creation field. It gathers people with various practices and backgrounds so as to conduct an experimental, open, and documented approach, but also to transmit and share knowledges through events and workshops.

Lou-Maria Le Brusq
Lou-Maria Le Brusq responds to our residency invitation with another invitation of her own.

Archives (in french)
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Matthieu Saladin | Nuit Blanche 2016 - Floating on air
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